Imagine having unshakable confidence after losing your stubborn weight.

Imagine having unstoppable energy ALL day to work and play to the fullest.

Imagine showing up as your energetic, best, physically fit and bad-ass human self

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Be DEFIANT Dedicated , Energized, Focused, Intellectual, Analytical, Newborn and ultimately Transformed

You're in the right place if...

You've been told that you are "NORMAL" or "JUST GETTING OLDER" but you're not willing to accept that answer for your life.

You want to look, feel and perform at a top level in your daily life, business and in all that you do.

You have tried eating healthy, exercising, and various "programs", but still FEEL LIKE SOMETHING IS OFF IN YOUR BODY.

You are ready to take action and invest in yourself, because IT MEANS YOU'LL NE THE BEST, BAD-ASS VERSION OF YOURSELF FOR OTHERS.


The Thyroid Fixer

This CAN be you if..

you take the next steps...

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I know you have spent hundreds if not thousands on other practitioners and programs, and you're scared of wasting more money. I get it, I've been there.

This will be your LAST stop of your journey to feeling like YOU again.

I know you're thinking "How is YOUR method different Dr. Amie?"

My method is different because I’ve seen the results happen and I've seen lives changed with thousands of patients over 25 years. Having battled Hashimoto’s and dedicating my life to helping others do the same, I’ve seen my method work for myself and all my patients to give you your life back.

I know you're thinking "What do you do that my Doctor doesn't?"

There are many answers to that question, but the first is the most important—expertise. As a thyroid and hormone expert, I've helped thousands of patients in the last 24 years. As someone who has struggled with Hashimoto’s, this is a personal calling. I have the experience and empathy to walk you through the same process I walked through myself.I see you as a complete person—not just a lab result.

What Makes Dr.Amie different from other functional medicine and nutrition providers?

Amie uses a "NO EXCUSES" approach to take her clients from illness to wellness. Amie won't tell you what you want to hear, Amie will tell you what you need to hear.

24/7 personal access to Amie! Her commitment to help her clients win the battle over excess weight , thyroid and hormone conditions, cancer and other modern health problems has brought her the reputation as the "go to" practitioner for real answers.

Other providers treat your symptoms, Amie wants to find the cause of your problems! You will always receive personalized plans tailored to YOU.

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