My Favorite Things


I often stumble across little gems of information that I want to do nothing more than share – more often than not, they are to help YOU be the best version of you. Check back in here regularly as I’m constantly updating this page with my latest FINDS!

Aseir Custom

Use code DRAMIE for 15% off. Aseir Custom's formula for hair rejuvination utilizesboth peptides and biomolecules that work together toreverse hair loss and promote new growth for fuller..

Thrive Market Online

Use this link to get 25% off your first order This company offers easy keto, paleo and whole 30 foods - snacks, oils, meals, Beverages or others - at prices lower than the grocery store.


Click this link and use the code FIX to receive 15%off. Organifi is a line of organic superfood blends that offer plant-based nutrition with high quality ingredients for optimalhealth.

Four Sigmatic Coffee

For 10% discount, use code: DRAMIE. Get your brain going without leaving your body behind withGround Mushroom Coffee. Reishi, lions mane, chaga and cordyceps..

Clearlight Infrared Saunas

(My favorite sauna company because they have low to no EMF's and all non-toxic materials). We all know that stress causes disease, but what can we do about it?

King of Coffee

For my coffee lovers, Organo King of Coffee is a mediumdark roast arabica coffee bean from Brazil that mixes inan instant for a flavorful cup of coffee. Follow my link for a flat discount.

The Keto Mojo

Looking to track blood glucose and/or ketones?The KetoMojo is by far the best meter for measuring both your bloodsugar and ketone levels. Follow my link for a flat discount.

Immune Intel AHCC®

For 10% off, use this code: AMIE. AHCC is a functional food cultured from the mycelium (roots) of Shiitakemushrooms, and has 30+ years of clinical research..


DRAMIE code gives 10% off. Bravus Non-alcoholic, or low-alcoholic beer, also packs some pretty impressive health benefits, containing a keg-load of essentia vita..

Purple Power

Use code FIX for a flat 15% off. When it comes to C60, quality and purity are extremely important. Our products are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA compliant, GMP Certified facility.