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Thyroid, Weight Loss, Libido, and Women’s Health Supplements

Dr. Amie’s full collection of supplements are here to help you live your best life. Specifically, our collection includes thyroid, weight loss, libido, hormone support, and hair growth supplements.

Thyroid Supplements

Known colloquially as “The Thyroid Fixer,” Dr. Amie’s thyroid supplements are effective and created specifically to regulate the thyroid and hormone levels.

From Hashimoto supplements and adrenal glandular supplements, to metabolism supplements and thyroid multivitamins, each thyroid product and supplement is designed to optimize your health and wellness.

Weight Loss Supplements

I get it: weight loss is tough, and at times feels impossible. To help you along your journey, our weight loss supplements can help. From liver and hormone supplements to help regulate your body, to non-dairy beef protein powder for building lean muscle, and even blood sugar balancing supplements, Dr. Amie’s weight loss supplements can help support a healthy lifestyle.

Libido Supplements

Looking to spice up your sex life? Dr. Amie’s libido supplements may help support moments in the bedroom. From hormone and testosterone boosting supplements for women, and estrogen dominant supplements for balance, to fadogia agrestis for men’s testosterone boosting, our sexual health and wellness supplements are here to support your libido.

Women’s and Men’s Health Supplements

Of course, Dr. Amie’s supplements are not limited to women. Specifically, our men’s health supplements include hair growth support supplements, testosterone supplements, and Beta-Ecdysterone.

No matter what type of supplements you’re looking for, try Dr. Amie’s body optimizing health products today!