Keto 4 The Week

Do you have Hashimoto’s?

Learn why choosing Keto for your nutrition plan is a perfect choice and
learn why, in my course Keto for the week, is the way to go instead of
being in a state of ketosis all the time. 


Perhaps there are myths that you’ve heard about how being in ketosis or
eating a low-carb diet for a long period of time can drop your thyroid
hormone levels. This is a myth.

It’s these polyunsaturated fatty acids which are incredibly bad for our
health. They will cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance and
hypothyroidism go hand in hand.

This bad reputation that Keto has is because some claim that doing a low carb diet or doing a keto diet will suppress T3.

So if you have a dysregulated thyroid, chances are you have insulin
resistance.These high insulin levels will impair the T4 to T3

This evidence is incorrect. When we look at the research, the majority
of the studies of the effects of a low carb, high fat diet, which is
keto, the studies have always used high use of PUFA’s.

Are You On A Low-Carb Diet?

If you follow a really low carb diet, and you do the typical Keto, under 20 grams of total carbohydrates for an extended period of time, there have been some instances where there is a decrease in T3 thyroid hormone. Now, if you’re on thyroid medication and you’re optimized, then this is not a huge concern. These levels may show up as needing a little bit more medication. Maybe your free T3 goes below a 3.5 and we have to increase your dose, but typically that doesn’t happen as you naturally come out of ketosis anyway.


Keto 4 The Week

How to Eat Low-Carb the Right Way

Don’t believe the hype that eating low-carb/keto will plummet your
thyroid and hormones. It’s NOT true if you do it the right way.

Are You On A Low-Carb Diet?

✔ Getting Started With Keto For The Week
✔ Why I Hate The Term Keto
✔ Dirty vs Clean
✔ Conditions That Benefit From A Keto Diet
✔ Myths Debunked
✔ How To Get Started

✔ How Keto For The Week Is Better For You
✔ Keto For The Week DOESN’T Tank Your Thyroid
✔ A Day In The Life Of Me and Eating Keto
✔ Supplements To Boost Progress In Your Journey
✔ Fat makes You Fat!!

I have found that Keto for the week is a great place to start. This allows you to take a break on the weekends or special occasions but without going crazy, this will bring your body in and out of a state of ketosis.

So, why is keto for the week better than keto all the time?

This process will still keep you in a state of fat burning, improve your mental clarity, decrease all the different disease states and conditions, and it’s going to keep you in a low inflammatory state. Any muscle or joint pain will decrease and your thyroid and hormones will function at a more optimal level. Remember, we have to do everything in combination. Throughout this process, you’re going to see your hormones balance, and thyroid function improve.


As you fluctuate in and out of ketosis, your whole body will be happier. Why else Keto for the week is a great choice is because it is doable for a lifetime. Once you implement this and actually start seeing the changes in your body and start seeing how easy and enjoyable this nutrition plan can be, you can implement it into your lifestyle and do it for life.